I was born in Guatemala and came to the US over 30 years ago. Not growing up playing hockey, I was introduced to pond hockey in high school while not playing organized sports in the winter. I was immediately hooked. As I got older, moved on, and became an adult I continued playing hockey. Now what drew me to ICE was not hockey but it was the need for me to give back. Being an immigrant, my family and I were fortunate and have been fortunate in many ways. At the time that I was introduced to ICE by a great friend of mine (ICE Chairman Paul Marobella) to participate in an event, I quickly requested to get involved and start volunteering. Through my participation, support, and volunteering, I was fortunate and honored to voted board member of this great organization. I take great pride in being a member and supporter of ICE, because as I now have the ability I also have the responsibility to give back.