Ericka is a native of Northwest Indiana and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Germanic Studies from Indiana University. After a brief stint living and working overseas and nearly a decade in the corporate world, she went back to school to earn her law degree. Ericka now runs her own law firm, focusing on immigration and family law. As a kid, her exposure to sports came mainly from her grandfather, who was a die-hard Cubs and Bears fan. Hockey didn’t enter the picture until much later, when she was attending law school in Boston. The first hockey game she ever attended was Game 4 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. Upon moving back to the Chicago area after graduation, she discovered that learning how to play hockey as an older adult was a thing. She talked her husband into signing up for beginner hockey clinics with her as something fun to do together. Several years, leagues, and tournaments later, she and her husband still play several times a week and have even played overseas (ask her about the interesting way they deal with penalties in Iceland). In addition to helping immigrants and playing hockey, Ericka has a passion for volunteering and mentoring, which made joining the Board of Inner-City Education (what she likes to call “the good ICE”) a no-brainer.

Fun Fact: Ericka has held a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo since 2001

Favorite Color: Black – it goes with everything

Favorite non-hockey team: Savannah Bananas

Free Time: Guitar, hockey, paddleboarding, going to concerts, traveling

Favorite Vacation Spot: I don’t have a single favorite location but I love visiting new places whenever possible

Favorite Restaurant: Pho 777 on Argyle Street in Chicago