June 16, 2016

Dear Board of Directors,

I am writing this letter on behalf of District 99 as an expression of gratitude for the ICE Program. This past school year Cicero Public Schools had 40 students participate in the hockey and tutoring program. The outcomes of this program are immeasurable.

On the ice our students learned the skills necessary to ice skate, to play hockey and to work as a team. In the classroom our students’ academic achievement was supported through tutoring in math and reading. Beyond both the ice and classroom, our students received the benefit of an improved sense of belonging at school. I personally witnessed the ICE participants show a new sense of leadership in the building. The physical skills, academic skills and “soft” skills our students gained from the ICE Program have made a huge impact on our students and our school community.

Thank you for offering this program to our students and community.


Mary Mycek
Cicero East School