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Does your employer have a Corporate Matching Gift Program? Thousands of companies do and you can easily find out by searching your employer’s website or emailing your HR department. If a program exists, they will ask you to fill out a simple form so that they can match the donation amount you just donated. No action on your part is needed other than submitting the form. Your employer and us will take care of the rest from there. 

You may need some info about us when completing a matching gift form: We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and our EIN number is 32-0069799. Our address is P.O. Box 64837, Chicago, IL 60664-0837. Our GuideStar profile can be viewed online here for more info:

Thanks again for your support!

Your contribution will go towards helping poverty-stricken children in low income areas of Chicago by giving them access to a high quality education, mentorship and the sport of hockey. These are children who are bright, curious and full of potential but are often from difficult family situations and dangerous communities with poor quality public education and limited access to organized sports. Due to no fault of their own, they do not get the quality of education and opportunities they need to develop and grow in ways that enable them to thrive and enjoy a brighter future.

Together, we are the Game Changers that build futures. 

Our focus is on providing opportunity for poverty-stricken children through:

  • Scholarships to high quality schools across Chicago
  • Access to the sport of hockey through our Hockey Club where students benefit from the lessons of teamwork, commitment, dedication and leadership
  • Educational support through our Academic Tutoring Program with required attendance by every hockey club participant
  • Building relationships with our Mentors who act as positive role models and forces in students lives

Thanks to Game Changers like you, our unique and powerful combination of services has allowed us to change the lives of many children since 2003. Our goal is to serve as many underprivileged children as funding allows. 

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“Thanks again for letting us participate in the tutoring and hockey program as it really supported Conrad last year. His grade in Math moved from a D to B by years end! Thanks so much!” – Collette

— Collette M.